“Час говорити відверто”

This project is my favorite one. “Час говорити відверто” which means “It’s time for open talk” was created for FULRCUM and TEGRO organizations. 

It’s 6 photographs and stories behind them teach us to always give love no matter what and to fight for own happiness through the acceptance and kindness. Especially when talking about our mothers. 

The printing part was made so good that our main heroes were like smiling to people on the escalator of main Kyiv metro station. Unfortunately,  after 2 weeks of presenting our idea all posters were destroyed by vandals from some neo nazi org.  I tried to find a video of that moment but no chances 🙁 

Anyway, I want to believe it could change their minds and create some positive change for only 1 minute. And after they accept their own strange obsession for big boots and tiny jeans. Guys, that’s alright:) I really hope so:)


Few stories are presented in video on FULCRUM Vimeo channel.

I’ll add some backstage pictures here. Hope you’ll smile too 🙂

Thanks guys! I really loved being near your energy ⚡


Special thanks to Bodya 🙂